Monday, January 19, 2015

My 71 year old dad and his hole in one

My 71 year old dad got a hole in one on Saturday. 153b meters-7 iron. Ball pitched 1 foot in front of hole and bounced in (you can see the pitch mark in the photo).

That same day, I was recovering from moving house. With 3 kids. The wriggly one-year-old either strapped to my back or trying to get her hands on scissors or razorblades. My exhaustion was bone-crushing and I wondered when my skin had gotten so worn out. The message from my dad seemed to come from the same world as the little white feather that floated onto my hand the previous day while I was scrubbing the concrete with paint stripper.

My father is a proud sceptic. I'm at peace with that. Still it's interesting that the odds of a non-profesional golfer scoring a hole in one are 12,500 to 1, which is more unlikely than being struck by lightning. When I think of the fact that he got a hole-in-one before, when I was a little girl, it makes me slightly tearful.
But my favorite part of his story is this.

"This was my first game in over a month and I started so badly (7 over after the first 4 holes) that I had thoughts of my golf days being over. Then some magic (Maxine!) happened and I finished the round 10 over, including the 1 on the 8th hole. I never carry a phone on the course but found my phone on me and so was able to share the event with the family as it happened".

The fact that he had personal liability insurance must have made those celebratory drinks that much sweeter.

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